LfA supports companies with projects involving start-ups, growth, innovation, energy and environment as well as stabilisation having a positive effect for Bavaria. LfA also supports local authority investment projects aimed at sustaining the appeal of Bavaria as a business location.

Our core tasks include:

  • making it easier for less-experienced entrepreneurs to enter new markets
  • increasing the efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • bringing more new products and processes onto the market
  • removing differences in regional economic power
  • reducing environmental damage caused by production
  • helping companies in a crisis
  • improving the conditions for economic activity by expanding business-related infrastructure
  • aiding companies with their international expansion if this will help to consolidate their base in Bavaria
  • ensuring the financing of major projects in cooperation with other banks

Our tried and tested development mechanisms are loans, risk relief and equity capital, with loans being the centrepiece of LfA’s offering. They help small and medium-sized enterprises that are reliant on favourable terms when borrowing for their projects – even and especially when affordable financing cannot be raised via the commercial banks.