Development Support

LfA offers a comprehensive range of services to support companies and local authorities in Bavaria:


Establishment financing – for the best start possible
Starting an independent career costs energy and money – whether this is for establishing a new enterprise, acquiring an existing business or actively investing in another company. With financing help from LfA, prospective entrepreneurs can count on a solid financial base.


Growth financing – investing in the future
For anyone looking for promising future growth for a company, thorough planning and, not least, a sustainable financing concept are the best pre-conditions for success. LfA supports a number of investments – from purchasing land to construction activity, construction cost subsidies, advance lease payments, deposits, the acquisition of machinery or equipment, goodwill, patents, licences as well as hardware and software.


Innovation financing – you’re risking innovation? We will support you
Businesses must be innovative if they are to be successful in competitive markets. Innovation is therefore highly significant from an economic perspective because competitive businesses safeguard growth and create jobs. However, innovation can become a drain on liquidity, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. LfA supports innovative small and medium-sized businesses with needs-based development loans covering the entire range of innovations and the whole of the innovation process.

Energy and environment

Energy and environment financing – thinking about tomorrow
Environmental protection and energy efficiency concern everyone! For all entrepreneurs, whether setting up a new business enterprise or with many years of experience in running a traditional business, there are a number of ways in which their company can do something positive for the environment. LfA provides suitable financing assistance for investments in environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solutions. Success, both ecological and economic, gives an extra positive boost to your company’s growth trajectory.


Stabilisation – recognising and overcoming crises
Crises recognised early on are easier to deal with. With sound advice and financial assistance, quick action can protect a company from the looming downswing. With its economic development scheme, LfA can help your company overcome a difficult financial situation.


Infrastructure – strengthening Bavaria as a business location
Well-developed, efficient infrastructure is a prerequisite for attracting businesses, creating jobs and reinforcing the regional economy as a whole. LfA therefore supports capital investment in infrastructure undertaken by local authorities in Bavaria to ensure that the appeal of the region as an economic centre is maintained in the future.