How to get Development Support

The principles of LfA development support

Before making an application for public development support, you must consider the principles on which it is awarded:

Proportional financing
Public development support should initially always be “help to help yourself”, i.e. in addition to LfA loans, financing should also come in part from the company itself or from commercial banks.

Application prior to the start of projects
Applications must be received by the applicant's own bank prior to the start of the project. The start of the project means the conclusion of a supply or service agreement.

Commercial bank principle
All LfA loans are provided through your commercial bank. This means LfA is not in competition with the commercial banks – in fact, it works closely with them. With public development support, your commercial bank generally holds primary liability (although there are exceptions where LfA assumes responsibility for the risk). The application is also processed directly via the commercial bank.

Exceptions: local authority loans, applications for which must be submitted directly to LfA.