A successful business location needs strong companies

Markets are constantly changing. Companies that want to keep up must think ahead and move forward. LfA Förderbank Bayern helps you to make your projects a reality when viable finance through commercial banks alone is not possible. Our mission as a specialist bank for regional economic development involves ensuring the success of Bavaria in the future and supporting positive labour market effects.

Financing aid for all phases of company development

A company's financial requirements can increase for a number of different situations. We offer you a flexible support program in the following core business areas:

Start-up      Growth      Innovation      Energy and environment      Consolidation      Infrastructure   

Our financial services focus on long-term and often low-interest loans. In addition, we offer underwriting services in the form of indemnity agreements, securities and guarantees as well as investment financing. Our key target group consists of small and medium-sized Bavarian enterprises.

LfA and commercial banks: A well established team for small and medium-sized businesses

All LfA financing is arranged and paid out through the appropriate house bank. The established house bank principle ensures competition-free cooperation between commercial banks and LfA in the interests of our clients.

In 2014, almost 5,500 companies chose LfA as their financing partner. Loans totalling some € 1.98 billion have helped to create around 6,500 new jobs while ensuring the future of almost 151,000 existing jobs.